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Game-changing document automation

We make document automation simple. With no complex configuration or deployment, Aluma is easy to integrate into systems and solutions.

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From fast OCR to powerful document classification and data extraction, Aluma is built for today's systems using modern cloud-architecture and tools that scale with the highest reliability and performance. Contact us for a free demo and discover all of Aluma's capabilities.

Leveraging AI to Transform Mortgage Processes

AI-powered automation tools enable mortgage companies to streamline operations, reduce manual labor, and enhance overall efficiency.

Streamlining HR Document Digitization

Improving the overall efficiency by 2000% of a 60-year backlog of 7 million pages, categorizing 14 document types with a remarkable 95% accuracy rate.

Document automation that works for you

Onboard new projects in days, not months, and empower your team to focus on higher value work.

Increase profitability or expand capacity

The choice is yours, no more services or infrastructure bottlenecks, no black boxes. Industry leading automation rates you can measure and monitor.

Expand your markets and offerings

Our document automation tools are ready to go and easily embedded into your solutions, devices and workflows.

No canned demos or smoke screens

Solutions and technology proven at scale from a team with many decades of experience.

Powerful automation platform

From fast OCR to powerful document classification and data extraction, Aluma features can be accessed individually or in combination so you can easily use what you need when you need it.

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Technology and functionality

An innovative blend of machine learning and automation technologies that capture, classify and manage information in new and more profitable ways.

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Cloud-native architecture

Aluma is built for today's systems. Work with any document, anywhere, anytime using modern cloud-architecture and tools that scale with the highest reliability and performance.

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Integrate anywhere

Regardless of the application, our APIs, SDKs and automation tools are easy to integrate into a variety of solutions, devices and workflows.

What makes us unique

We simplify and accelerate the integration of document automation into solutions, devices and workflows. Our platform is fast, accurate and reliable, and move the needle in terms of digital transformation and performance.

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Easy set-up and integration

Be up and running in minutes, even with highly complex and variable documents. Integrate easily from anywhere in a workflow, from any system, device, or environment.

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Scalability and performance

Our cloud-native architecture makes it simple and affordable to scale up processing on demand. Easily process millions of documents. Count on 99%+ uptime.

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Control your data

Data security, privacy, and control is paramount today. Aluma doesn’t store or retain your documents. We leave you and your customers in complete control.

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Simple pricing with no surprises

No upfront costs from hardware or licensing. No complex pricing models, just pick a subscription plan that suits you.

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“The work your software does is game-changing and has been revolutionary for our team. I would like to thank you for the great relationship, which has brought us to an incredible level of automation.”

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