Document automation toolkit

Aluma brings together a broad set of document automation technologies that can be mixed and matched to meet your specific requirements.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the bridge from a document image to the text it contains. Aluma's OCR is a blend of established technology with new techniques and architectures to deliver character recognition with high accuracy, high throughput, real-time performance, and low cost.

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Advanced machine learning capabilities make it easy to automatically categorize scanned or digital documents based on their content, even where the content is highly variable. Quick setup and robust learning makes it easy to create a classifier tailored to any user's specific needs.

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Reliably extract data from documents, even when the layout is highly variable. Standard fields are available instantly, with full customization available when needed.

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Aluma makes it easy to automatically redact sensitive and private data in any document.

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Document separation

Aluma can auto-detect document boundaries in large document files, bringing structure to old records and allowing new documents to be scanned without manual separation.

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Database matching

Aluma can quickly and robustly match documents to records in a database, for example to automatically link a document to the corresponding client data.

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Scalable architecture

As a cloud-native containerised service, Aluma makes it easy to handle a limitless number of documents. Compute resources are auto-scaled to match the current load.

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Real-time processing

Extract and capture data, update systems instantaneously, and provide results downstream for world-class performance.

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Data security is more important now than ever before. Aluma has been engineered with security as a primary design consideration, and is subject to regular 3rd party penetration testing.

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Privacy and trust are important to us and foremost in everything we do. Aluma is architected with privacy in mind - it doesn’t store your documents or data, so we leave you and your customers in complete control.

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