Provide detailed data on system and user performance

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Track throughput

Aluma's dashboards provide detailed views of work within the system and overall throughput over time, allowing customers to track performance and avoid backlogs.

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Increase efficiency

When manual validation is required, user performance statistics can be used to track progress and highlight areas for improving efficiency.

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Fine-tune automation

Automation performance is continuously monitored and reported, right down to a field level, highlighting any issues and making it easy to focus configuration tuning in the right area.

Automate with confidence

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Real-time monitoring

A status page provides information on queued, processing and completed work, and these statistics can also be tracked over time.

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Continuous improvement

Information on captured, rejected and invalid data can be used as feedback to enhance system training, and individual throughput data helps target user training.

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Accuracy is key

Detailed field-level statistics allow any automation errors to be highlighted, and provide confidence that accuracy remains within the target range at all times.

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