Barcode recognition

Aluma can read linear and 2D barcodes from both scanned and electronically generated documents, giving exceptional accuracy even when image quality is poor.

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Simple Setup

Configuration can be as simple as asking for all barcodes from all pages, but requirements can also be tuned to specific barcode types or areas of the document if required.

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All Symbologies

We support linear (1D) symbologies (Codes 39, 93, 128, 2 of 5, Codabar & more), 2D (QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, Aztec, Maxicode, DotCode), postal codes, the GS1 family, Pharmacode, and patch codes.

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Flexible Use

Once read, the barcodes can be used to drive any aspect of the automation process, including for separation, classification, database lookup, or indexing.

Market-Leading Barcode Engine

Our barcode technology uses a host of powerful image processing algorithms to give the best possible performance across all document types.

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Multiple barcodes

Aluma can read any and all barcodes on a page, allowing for the use case, for example, where a page contains a variable number of barcoded stickers.

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Any orientation

Barcodes can be detected in any direction, including for stickers that have been applied to a page at an angle.

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Challenging images

Aluma’s engine is an industry-leader in being able to handle cases where low quality printing or scanning creates hard-to-read codes.

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High speed

Aluma’s barcode technology is able to perform at very high speed, and supports customers processing tens or even hundreds of millions of documents per year.

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