Document classification

Advanced machine learning capabilities make it easy to automatically categorize scanned or digital documents based on their content, even where the content is highly variable. Quick setup and robust learning makes it easy to create a classifier tailored to any user's specific needs.

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Configure quickly

Advanced machine learning technology means that no elaborate or costly configuration is needed. A few document samples are enough to get started, and a classifier can be built and deployed in minutes.

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High performance

Aluma’s classification technology has been proven in mission-critical systems involving hundreds of document types and hundreds of millions of documents where accuracy and throughput are paramount.

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Low maintenance

Automatic tuning and continuous learning make it easy to keep a classifier performing at a high level, even when documents change or new types come on-stream.

Built to make document classification easy

We use algorithms specifically developed and optimised for document classification, and wrap the core technology with all the tools and techniques needed to make the end-to-end process of configuring and deploying a classifier as easy as possible.

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Aluma includes technology to cluster documents into similar groups to help uncover what types of documents exist in an archive and jump-start the training process.

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Tuned for Accuracy

Market-leading accuracy is achieved from the start with our unique auto-tuning technology, eliminating the need for lengthy testing and tuning cycles.

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Continuous learning

After deployment, classification can continue to learn and adapt to new document types and variants.

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No "black box"

The classification engine can provide information on how it has learnt to distinguish between document types, and why it classified any particular document in the way it did.

"The classifier performed very well. The experience of using Aluma was very simple with great results."

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