We welcome any kind of data.

Simple or complex data is a delight to extract.

Data Extraction

aluma makes it easy to reliably extract data from any documents, whether it’s a simple reference number or complex data with highly variable location. It’s easy to get started, but powerful enough to deal with the most challenging scenarios – and works with both scanned and digital documents.

Easy to get started

Get started in just a few minutes then build up from simple to more complex scenarios with the same techniques.


Extract the most challenging data, even where data occurs in different places or formats, or where some data depends on other data.


Build-in validation and formatting to ensure you can rely on extracted data in subsequent processes.

Scanned or digital

Streamline your processes by extracting data from both scanned documents and those created digitally, such as Microsoft Office documents, digital PDFs and text files.


aluma uses advanced Data Extraction technology, specifically developed to make configuration easy but powerful enough for the most complex scenarios.

Visual Editor

Easily build data extraction logic with an intuitive drag & drop visual editor.

Powerful data location

Locate data using techniques specifically optimised for documents with highly variable structure.

Handle complex data

Effortlessly build up more complex extraction logic by chaining rules together.

Validation and formatting

Apply validation and formatting to data as it is extracted, increasing accuracy and simplifying integration.

Tables and mark detection

Extract data from tables and detect the presence of marks & signatures on documents.

OCR included

Scanned documents have their content read, if necessary, using on-demand OCR before extraction.