Document classification is a breeze.

Quick to deploy, easy to maintain and reliable.

Document Classification

aluma makes it easy to reliably classify scanned or digital documents based on their content, even where the content is highly variable. Advanced machine learning technology means all you need to get going is a few samples of each document type, and our unique auto-tuning feature will give you market-leading accuracy from day one!

Quick to deploy

Revolutionary machine learning technology means you don’t need any costly configuration, just a few samples of each document type to get started.

Easy to maintain

With no complex sets of rules to update, it’s quick and easy to handle changes to your documents even when there are hundreds of different types.

Reliable from day one

Market-leading accuracy is achieved from the start with our unique auto-tuning technology, eliminating the need for lengthy testing and tuning phases.

Scanned or digital

Streamline your processes by classifying scanned documents and those created digitally, such as Microsoft Office documents, digital PDFs and text files together.


aluma uses advanced machine-learning algorithms, specifically developed and optimised for Document Classification, and proven in a wide range of demanding classification scenarios.

Quick setup

Configuration just requires a few samples of each document type, even with 100s of document types.


Variations in content or layout of documents of the same document type are handled automatically.

OCR included

Scanned documents have their content read, if necessary, using on-demand OCR before classification.


Auto-tuning delivers reliable performance without getting bogged down in tweaking “magic confidence numbers”