No more permanent markers.

Hide sensitive data and improve navigation in your documents.

Document Markup and Redaction

aluma makes it easy to reliably redact sensitive data in any document. You can also add bookmarks to the document, making it easy to navigate straight to that data.

Easy to get started

Redact common data like names, dates, addresses and reference numbers without any configuration using our library of pre-configured extraction modules.


Build custom extractors to redact the most challenging data, even when it occurs in different places or formats.


Leave redactions 'pending' ready for manual review, or apply them and remove the data completely from the document.

Scanned or digital

Create bookmarked and redacted PDFs from any input format, including scanned documents and those created digitally.

Data redaction with manual review

Add redactions to document but leave them 'pending' so they can be manually reviewed in a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat. The redaction can be reviewed and then either applied, modified or deleted in the PDF editor.

Full automatic data redaction

Fully apply redactions, removing the sensitive data entirely from both the image and text layers of the returned PDF. The redaction cannot be undone if the PDF is loaded into a PDF editor.

Add bookmarks to document

Add bookmarks to documents and make it easy to navigate to key data. Bookmarks can link not only to redactions but also to any other locations in the document.