Optical Character Recognition at its best.

Process small or large volumes of documents in a flash.


aluma makes it easier than ever before to OCR large sets of documents. Built ground-up for the cloud, aluma can process many documents at the same time, so we can give you faster results and extremely competitive pricing, without the hassle of upfront licenses or hardware costs.

Unlock data

Turn unstructured business data in scanned documents into usable structured data.


Process large volumes of documents or even whole archives quickly using the power of the cloud.


Avoid upfront license or hardware costs and take advantage of our competitive pricing.

Scales with you

Just pay for what you need and scale your plan up or down as necessary.


aluma uses the power of the cloud, cutting-edge technology and innovations in usability to make OCR at scale easier and faster than ever before.

Images and PDFs

Process all common image formats and PDFs.

Create searchable PDFs

Generate searchable PDFs with embedded text, or retrieve the raw text of documents.

Process large volumes

aluma scales on demand so you can OCR large numbers of documents fast.

Integrate quickly

Process files or folders using our command-line client and easily integrate into your system or application.