Optical character recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the bridge from a document image to the text it contains. Aluma's OCR is a blend of established technology with new techniques & architectures to deliver character recognition, including Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), with high accuracy at a low cost.

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Bridge the paper divide

Paper is still prevalent in document archives - imaging and OCR/ICR are key first steps in achieving parity between paper documents, printed or handwritten, and their digital counterparts.

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Get up to speed quickly

Process large volumes of documents or even whole archives quickly using the power of a cloud architecture that scales to meet demand.

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Cost-effective at any scale

Avoid upfront license or hardware costs and take advantage of our competitive pricing. Just pay for what you need and scale your plan up or down as necessary.

Built to make OCR/ICR easy

In the past, integrating OCR/ICR into a system or process has often involved complex integrations and difficult multi-server deployments. Aluma makes high-performance OCR/ICR easy to access, both technically and commercially.

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Get going in minutes

Simple sign-up and immediate access to our command-line interface and client libraries make it quick and easy to embed OCR/ICR functionality into your systems.

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High throughput

Whether you’re using our hosting or your own, Aluma’s container-based architecture allows compute resources to be brought online in a matter of seconds to meet changing throughput demands.

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Real-time performance

Extensive parallelization and performance optimization means that results can be delivered in a few seconds in 'on-demand' applications, even for large documents.

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Process all common image formats and PDFs. The OCR/ICR can be used to generate searchable PDFs with embedded text, fully ‘marked up’ text with position and confidence data, or simply the plain text.

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