A clean, modern web interface for rapidly reviewing and validating captured data.

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Data perfection

When accuracy is critical, Aluma's validation interface offers users the ability to review and correct any missing or low-confidence data.

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Designed for speed

When humans are 'in the loop', efficiency is key - our interface has features to ensure maximum speed in reviewing and entering data.

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Secure web access

Our cloud architecture offers secure access from any location, fully supporting remote offices and home-working.

Customisable high-speed data review

Our interface is designed for efficient review and data entry. Users are taken directly to fields requiring attention, and can lasso data on the image or work 100% from the keyboard.

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Strong validation

Accuracy is maximized by validations to ensure values are in the correct range and format.

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Database lookup

Values can be looked up and chosen from a variety of data sources, with minimal keystrokes.

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Modify document structure

A thumbnail view offers rapid review and correction of document boundaries.

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Table support

Tabular data is fully supported, including the ability to rapidly amend, add and delete rows of data.

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