With a quick set-up, you’ll be riding this wave in no time.

Say goodbye to costly licenses and drawn out installations.

You can be up and running quickly

Getting started with aluma is a breeze. You don’t need any hardware, license, complicated installation or programming skills. Explore the service and try it on your documents with our free 30-day trial.

Take our 10-minute tour

Experience for yourself just how easy it is to use aluma, with our introductory tour. Sign up for a trial and follow the simple Getting Started guide to see aluma in action on our example documents. All you need is a working familiarity with running commands from a command prompt.

Easy setup on your own documents

Our innovations in auto-configuration, machine learning and usability avoid all the setup complexity of traditional products.

Getting started with document classification simply requires a few sample documents, and if you want to do OCR or invoice data extraction you won’t need to do any configuration at all!

With our intuitive command-line client (for Windows, Linux and macOS) and the 10,000 credits you receive with our 30-day trial you can test the service on your own documents.

Our approachable and comprehensive documentation will help you understand key concepts quickly and guide you through the process.

Easy integration

We’ve made integrating aluma into your system or application as trivial as possible. The command-line client is designed to require only a few lines of script or application code to securely and reliably send your documents to aluma and retrieve results in easy-to-consume formats.

Alternatively, you can integrate directly with our API. All aluma functionality is exposed as an intuitive, thoroughly documented, RESTful API, with which you can interact through HTTP requests from anywhere in your workflow, from any language and any environment.