Effortless document processing in the cloud has arrived.

Get going in minutes.


Intelligent Document Processing in the Cloud

aluma makes document processing simple. With no complex configuration or deployment, you can get started with OCR, classification or data extraction from your documents in minutes.

With 4 simple monthly subscription pricing plans, just select the one that's right for you and you're ready to go. No prohibitive license fees, no risk. What could be easier?


From fast OCR to powerful document classification or data extraction, aluma features can be accessed individually or in combination so you can easily use what you need when you need it.

Document Classification

Accurately classify any documents based on their content, with machine learning for easy setup and auto-tuning for optimal accuracy.

Data Extraction

Reliably extract data from any documents, even where the location or format of the data is highly variable.

Markup & Redaction

Hide sensitive data and improve navigation in your documents.


Quickly OCR large numbers of scanned documents with accurate and lightning fast results.

Simplicity at its core

aluma combines proven advanced machine learning technology with a service built ground-up for the cloud. It’s super-simple to use, so you can harness the power of the cloud without the complexity of traditional document processing products.


Handle a limitless number of documents. Easy to scale up or down.


Fast, accurate and reliable market-leading technology.


Total peace-of-mind with robust security procedures in operation.


Integrate easily from anywhere in your workflow, from any system and environment.

Set up

Be up and running in minutes and operational in hours.


Reliable, dependable cloud service running 24/7.

No upfront costs

No hardware or license purchase means no heavy upfront costs.

Simple pricing

No complex pricing models, just pick a monthly subscription plan that suits you.

World-leading technology

aluma takes intelligent document processing to a new level thanks to our breakthrough innovations in auto-configuration, machine learning and usability.

Any documents

aluma can process any documents, even those with highly variable content and structure. Advanced auto-configuration and machine learning makes configuration of even the most challenging documents a breeze.

Scanned or digital

aluma handles scanned documents and those created digitally, such as Microsoft Office documents, digital PDFs and text files, so you can streamline processes previously forced to handle these documents in different ways.

Integration made easy

Get going in minutes without any development effort using our cross-platform command-line client. Using it is easy, so you can process files using the command line and build robust automation scripts. Alternatively, integrate directly with our intuitive API.


Wherever there is business data locked in documents, aluma can unlock it. Whether it’s automating an existing manual process or capturing value from existing document archives, aluma can help.

Mailroom automation

Classify scanned documents and use the results to route documents into different business processes.

Business process automation

Classify and extract data from documents to drive business processes with minimum manual intervention.

Document archive processing

Extract value from document archives by analyzing the content of documents and pulling out key data.

Enable content analytics

Turn unstructured, inaccessible data in documents into structured data suitable for input into your content analytics.

Need a conversation?

If you would like some guidance on what aluma can do with your documents, we’d love to chat. Just contact us at support@aluma.io to arrange a time with us.