Intelligent document automation software company Aluma and Document management solution FileHound announce a strategic partnership to deliver integrated data automation capabilities across Europe and North America.

Cambridge, UK, June 07, 2021 – Aluma, a world leader in cloud-based intelligent document processing solutions has announced a strategic partnership with FileHound, a cloud-based document management and workflow automation platform made for secure document retention, intelligent data capture, and business process automation. The new partnership will enable FileHound to deliver advanced, intelligent automation features directly via their document management solution.

FileHound, founded in 2012, offers turnkey document management and digital enablement solutions through simple, yet powerful software designed to help businesses adapt quickly to new ways of working with a focus on simplicity, usability and ROI. The two companies are deeply aligned in providing fast to deploy, easy-to-use, intelligent solutions to meet the needs of small and medium businesses looking to automate their existing business systems and processes.

“Our combined expertise and complementary technologies make this partnership a great fit for us as partners and for our combined network of customers,“ said Simon Thomas, Head of Innovation at FileHound. “Like our friends at Aluma, we strive to deliver solutions that require minimal onboarding overhead and a quick deployment turnaround. Aluma’s intelligent document automation technology integrates seamlessly with our out-of-the-box platform to enhance and enrich our solution’s automation features.“

Most organizations struggle to achieve complete document automation without costly IT overhead or clunky third-party integrations that require extensive configuration and are prone to error. Aluma integrates seamlessly into existing document management systems, business solutions, and devices, offering intelligent classification and data extraction tools for superior efficiency and performance.

Through this partnership, Aluma provides FileHound with the tools, support, and guidance to integrate and deliver the best intelligent document automation empowered solution possible. By integrating the intelligent automation technology directly into the FileHound platform, the combined solution enables built-in document intelligence features such as enhanced automated document classification, extraction, and redaction, and enhanced OCR.

“This partnership was a natural evolution drawn from shared customers with a common need to embed cloud-native, powerful automation into their existing systems,” said George Harpur, CEO of Aluma. “With Aluma as the enabling technology and FileHound serving as the vehicle for that technology via its document management platform, together, we can bring our customers integrated, scalable automation capabilities for improved performance without complex configurations or overhead.”

About Aluma

Aluma is a world leader in advanced cloud-based intelligent document processing technology, blending cutting-edge innovations in data capture, machine learning, and information management into tools and technologies that improve the performance of any digital solution, system, or device. Aluma's automation tools remove the drudgery of document management, take the robot out of the human, and allow people to focus on more meaningful and valuable work.

Aluma's technologies are in use across the world in many sectors – from defense to finance to healthcare – together processing hundreds of millions of documents a year. A world-class team with deep technical and market experience in advanced document processing, Aluma is disruptive, innovative, curious, and mature in capabilities. For more information, visit

About FileHound

FileHound Document Management is a business of focused individuals with a desire to produce great, cloud-first software that is as flexible and as easy to use as it is powerful.

With the established status quo still pursuing the traditional path, the company wanted to tear up the rule book and set a new standard, allowing end-users from any location to benefit from world-class document management.

Businesses in the 21st century are changing at an ever-increasing speed, and modern workplace practices are adapting with these changes. FileHound aims to enable the remote workforce and digitally transform business processes. As access to important documents becomes more of a challenge for distributed workers, FileHound is poised and ready to take up the challenge. For more information, visit

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