Cambridge, UK - March 17th, 2021 - Aluma, a cloud-based service provider for information management vendors, has officially announced the launch of their game-changing document intelligence platform. Aluma offers a fast and cost-effective way to embed cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning-infused document capture and data extraction into devices, applications, and processes.

Organizations receive hundreds of emails, invoices, and contracts per day, and require a robust, reliable way to classify these documents and extract data from them. Aluma’s intelligent document processing solution is a cloud-native alternative to historic document capture systems, using an innovative blend of machine learning and automation technologies that enable systems and devices to capture, classify and manage information in new and more profitable ways.

Traditional document capture technologies can be costly, hard to use, and fail to meet the evolving needs of organizations and the increasing amounts of data and information they manage.

The prime challenge we're addressing is that only a small proportion of documents have historically been subject to any kind of automation, said Aluma CEO George Harpur. Our focus is on bringing modern automation technology to a wider set of documents, systems, and use cases — rather than just doing the same things faster, and cheaper.

Document classification and data extraction typically form part of a wider process. Aluma offers a comprehensive, rapid integration of intelligent document processing into existing devices, software applications, and business processes via an open REST API, so that organizations can enhance and improve processes without replacing existing business systems, for minimum business disruption.

The platform offers a cost-effective consumption-based pricing model which charges as operations are performed on documents. Organizations can customize and adapt the solution to their individual business needs and deploy functionalities on an as-needed basis to avoid paying up-front for expensive software that may never deliver the expected value.

Aluma’s value is based on solutions that organizations can easily plug into their existing processes and systems for optimum deployment speed with low business disruption. The integration can be trialled without cost and has the potential to save organizations who process high volumes of documents a significant amount of time and money, added Aluma Board Advisor, Andy Jones.

Register for the On-demand Aluma Launch webinar here.

About Aluma

Aluma is a provider of document intelligence software based in Cambridge, UK and New York. Their platform is used to process hundreds of millions of documents every year, and can be integrated into industry leading multi-function devices (MFDs), document and content management systems, and business processes. For more information, visit

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