Secured by design

We put a lot of effort into ensuring your data is safe, it’s your data after all, not ours...

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Limited data

Aluma is designed to have as little of your data as possible for the shortest time possible. Documents are only passed to the service while they are actively being processed, usually only for a few seconds, and are then immediately deleted.

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Data never stored on disk

We strictly limit the number of your documents that can be within the service at any time. During processing, document files are stored securely and only in memory, never to disk.

Physically secure

Aluma is hosted in Google Cloud Platform data centres. These offer state-of-the-art physical and logical security for the servers and related infrastructure that comprise the operating environment for the aluma service.

All the data centres we use are secured and monitored 24/7, and physical access is strictly limited to select Google staff with multiple biometric controls.

Further security

Here are some of the extra steps we take to ensure your data is secure.

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Aluma takes all necessary precautions to ensure that every layer involved in data transfer is secured by best-of-breed technologies. All data in transit to and from the service is encrypted using SSL, so you can securely upload documents and download results.

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Network access to the aluma platform from the internet is highly restricted. Services and data stores are protected from unauthorized external access using private virtual networks, firewalls and other measures. The platform is monitored and protected by Google's advanced intrusion and protection systems.

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All requests to the service are authenticated using industry-standard OAuth2 and OpenID Connect technologies that ensure that your account is secure.

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Access to systems within the production environment is limited to those engineers with a specific business need with approval of the CTO.

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Every microservice within the platform runs inside a Docker container. We use Docker to avoid erroneous instance-configuration changes, upgrades, and corruption that are common sources of security breaches.

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The aluma platform is regularly subjected to thorough penetration tests by our CREST-certified expert penetration testing partners. We are happy to share their latest report detailing their findings with you.

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