Reduce GDPR compliance costs.

Find and redact sensitive personal information.

GDPR Compliance

Organisations are struggling to achieve GDPR compliance because they have document archives littered with sensitive personal data, and when documents need to be shared, for example as the result of a subject access request, the process of finding and redacting the content can be costly, time-consuming and error-prone.

aluma can help in both these areas by automatically locating all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) across unstructured documents in any format and, when required, by delivering a new version with some or all of that information securely and indelibly redacted.

Locate sensitive personal data

All standard PII fields (names, addresses, telephone numbers, bank details, etc.) are ready to go and can be located with no configuration, regardless of how the documents are laid out.


The standard fields can easily be augmented with custom data, such as business-specific reference numbers, when required.

Redact on demand

To enable compliant sharing of documents, some or all of the sensitive data can be permanently removed and the source document delivered back as a redacted PDF.

Scanned or digital

The solution works across a wide variety of document formats, including scanned images, Microsoft Office documents and digital PDFs.

Real-time PII detection in scanned documents

In this demonstration we show aluma being used by an MFP application to do real-time location and redaction of PII data in a multi-page scanned document.

The document is sent to the aluma cloud service where it is OCRed, data is located and a redacted version is created - all in a matter of seconds.

For this application no configuration within aluma was required and integration with the aluma service took the development team a matter of minutes.