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It’s one thing to capture a digital image of a document. It’s another thing to enhance the capture process with advanced automation that eases data entry and integrates with key activities. Aluma does just that, with core technologies that easily fit within and enhance any capture system.

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Automation technology that you can quickly plug in to your systems and solutions.

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Add value with lower disruption and higher results

Our tools provide you with advanced document management capabilities without the need for extensive integration.

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Easy to deliver classification and extraction

With Aluma you gain immediate access to powerful, easy to use tools for document classification and metadata extraction, even where the content is highly variable in format and layout.

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Faster OCR in large document sets

We make it easier to OCR large sets of documents without the cost of multiple servers. Aluma’s multithreaded, parallel processing allows faster OCR system response.

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Bring structure to unstructured documents and information

Aluma makes it easy to turn unstructured, inaccessible data into structured information that is ready to plug into your solution or project and leverage it for process improvement and advanced workflow.

Key features

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Aluma gives you the ability to reuse configurations across multiple projects, making deployment quicker, less expensive, and more valuable to your customers.

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Cloud infrastructure

Aluma is built for the cloud so you can serve multiple customers without additional installs. It’s highly scalable, so your customers will meet the most demanding SLAs with reliability and performance.

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