E-discovery and compliance

The risks and requirements surrounding content, compliance, and legal discovery are demanding. Aluma makes it easy to gain access to critical data to assess the risks and exposures, and help your clients more fluidly meet compliance and e-discovery demands.

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Integrate an enterprise-class toolkit for data analysis, e-discovery and compliance.

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Deep risk assessment

Improved compliance and governance starts with a deep understanding of enterprise content, where it is, and what it says. Use Aluma to help your customers locate data with techniques specifically optimized for documents with highly variable structure.

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Activate enterprise-class compliance

Top-shelf Information Governance is not just for the big guys; Aluma enables advanced techniques for compliance and discovery that work for any process or firm, no matter the size or scope.

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Shine a light on hidden data

Our tools help to uncover data that might otherwise be overlooked in audits or assessments. Use Aluma for solutions and approaches that extract the most challenging data, even when it occurs in different places or formats.

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Enhance existing services

Use our toolkit to augment your existing services and expand the value and scope of client projects. We have various programs that help our partners generate revenue from the extra value that they add.

Key features

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Full automatic data redaction

Build custom extractors that work to redact the most challenging data without any configuration using our library of pre-configured extraction modules.

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Visual editor

Easily build data extraction logic with an intuitive drag and drop visual editor. Effortlessly build up more complex extraction logic by chaining rules together.

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