High-Volume Document Processing

Aluma’s intelligent document processing solution offers organizations a fast and cost-effective way to automate document classification and data extraction to improve the accuracy and efficiency of high-volume document processing.

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Process high volumes of documents quickly and effectively to boost ROI

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Improve Accuracy and Productivity

Scanning, classifying, and extracting data from documents can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Aluma automates document classification, and the subsequent extraction of data - increasing the speed and accuracy of processing, and the volume that can be processed with existing resources.

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Add Value to your Existing Infrastructure

No need to replace your existing document capture software. Aluma works in tandem with existing capture tools and processes to classify documents, enrich metadata, remove costs associated with human error, and add more value to your current investment.

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Minimize Business Disruption

Aluma runs in parallel with your current processes and integrates seamlessly to your existing scanning hardware and capture software for minimal disruption. The solution is quick to deploy, can be rolled out without reliance on expensive technical expertise, and requires no additional user training.

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Enrich Your Existing Content

Aluma’s intelligent technology is designed to enrich your content from any number of sources before being passed into a process, including the identification and treatment of personally identifiable information (PII) and extended data extraction capabilities to validate or flag information on documents.

Key features

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Automated document classification

Identifying, classifying, and separating different document types is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Aluma’s intelligent solution automates this process for all different document types while guaranteeing accuracy.


Extended data extraction capabilities

Aluma uses AI and ML technologies to group similar documents and enable targeted extraction of key elements to be enriched or validated against other systems. It is easy to configure and easy to use, and adapts as your business needs evolve.


Flexible, automated redaction

Aluma helps mitigate risk by identifying sensitive information to help you apply the appropriate security measures or redacting confidential information. Easily identify PII or bookmark pertinent data to effectively manage compliance risk.


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