Intelligent filing

Aluma lets you easily incorporate intelligent filing into your systems, solutions and devices, bringing your customers the latest and most advanced tools to automate workflow for superior efficiency and performance.

Intelligent filing using multi-function device

Go from “searching” to “finding” in smarter ways that make a difference.

Information is of little value if your clients can’t find it when they need it. This is especially challenging when documents are found in multiple places and in multiple formats, with little structure or organization. Aluma ends all that by bringing a new level of intelligence to filing, saving and finding information.

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Automate both where and how documents are filed

Today, users filing scanned or electronic documents are typically required to manually select both a location and a title, leading both to inefficiency and inconsistency. Incorporating Aluma directly into the filing process allows this flow to be streamlined and standardized, while still allowing for manual override when appropriate.

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Minimize manual metadata

Today, in order to automate, users are often asked to enter metadata by hand, slowing the process and inviting errors. Aluma helps automate the process, ensure accuracy, and eliminate the drudgery of document management.

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Bring value to multifunction devices

Make copiers and scanners a more valuable component of workflow and process innovation by bringing intelligence to the devices that make them a vital onramp to digital transformation.

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Drive standardization and optimization

One roadblock to digital transformation is the often complex and ad hoc way that information is captured and tagged. Aluma makes it easy to build end-user solutions that make use of standardized taxonomies and optimize these as requirements change.

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Learn on the fly

Machine learning allows our tools and techniques to learn on the fly, ensuring that as conditions change and data evolves, so do your solutions and strategies.

Key features

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Self-learning document classification

Documents are automatically categorized using learn-by-example methods that are super-simple to deploy, and, if desired, can be set to continue learning dynamically from users’ actions.

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Metadata extraction

Metadata embedded in documents’ contents is automatically located and extracted, independent of format or layout. Standard data such as dates and names are instantly available, and more custom fields can easily be added.


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