Intelligent migration

Migrating to a content and document platform can provide clear benefits, but there are risks. When used as part of the migration process, Aluma offers the ability to add structure and coherence to taxonomies and metadata by intelligent analysis of document contents.

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Gain insights and add value during the migration process

Aluma enhances the migration process by unlocking information contained within documents through intelligent classification and extraction of vital data during the migration.

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Enrich content along the way

Migrating from old systems is a challenge, but also a tremendous opportunity to enrich and optimize the content. You can use Aluma’s advanced data extraction and automatic document classification tools in your solutions to provide better structure, taxonomy, and governance than ever before.

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Boost data privacy and compliance

With our tools it is easy to identify information hidden in the documents being migrated, where it is located, and any risks that sensitive data like names, account details or social security numbers may pose to privacy and compliance.

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Identify more information

Migration solutions fueled with Aluma have the power to extract vital information during the migration process from diverse content repositories, unify siloed pockets of information, and add metadata into a modern information ecosystem will make a real difference to the migration results.

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Remove the ROT

As much as 60% of corporate data today is redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT). This slows the pace of workflow and increases risk. Use Aluma to target and remove the ROT.

Key features

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Works with any document, system or format

Aluma can process documents with any layout or source format, even those with highly variable content and structure.

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Implementation Flexibility

Aluma is cloud-native platform and can be hosted in public or private cloud environments. The platform provides any solution with flexible access to the capabilities as needed via calls to our REST API.

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