Invoice processing

Aluma makes it easy to build solutions and systems that reliably extract key data from invoices and automate invoice processing to reduce or eliminate manual data entry. Scanned and digital documents are supported, as are invoices with any layout. Best of all, there’s no need for any configuration!

Invoice processing

Reduce costs and improve accuracy.

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No project costs

Extract key data such as invoice number, date, invoice amounts and supplier details with no configuration. You and your clients can be up and running without any up-front investment.

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Scales with you

Aluma is built for the cloud, so your solutions and systems scale automatically depending on the requirements. Just pay for what you need and scale up or down as necessary.

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Scanned or digital

Invoices come in different formats and flavors. Aluma works with scanned invoices as well as those created digitally, such as Microsoft Office documents and digital PDFs.

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Multiple countries

Business today is global. With aluma you can process invoices from the UK, US, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, and Singapore, with more coming soon.

Key features


OCR included

Aluma makes it easier than ever before to leverage OCR for large sets of invoices. Scanned invoices have their content read, if necessary, using on-demand OCR before data extraction.

ALUMA Feature Extraction

Database matching

Aluma turns an inbound document into an actionable transaction by matching it to core business data, such as a customer record or case number, even when the relevant data can occur anywhere within a document.

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