Mailroom and email automation

Tools from aluma are powerful elements for mailroom automation. We make it easy to embed solutions and systems with the technology to automatically extract and validate information from incoming business mail, including paper, electronic formats and email.

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Turn incoming postal mail and electronic mail into information that feeds business processes.

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Get access to critical, yet overlooked data

aluma makes it easy to automatically extract critical information from incoming business mail in any form -- paper, email and electronic formats.

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Better manage high volumes of mail

The amount of incoming physical and electronic mail coming into organizations is higher than ever. With aluma, you can leverage process automation to streamline the process and boost performance.

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Prioritise critical items

Mailrooms often suffer from high-priority items sitting unnoticed in lengthy work queues - immediate automated classification can be trained to spot such items and ensure that demanding time-to-action targets are reliably met on critical documents.

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Eliminate manual processing

aluma provides the capability to automate the collection and processing of documents, reducing the need for manual processes to scan, extract and enter data.

Key features

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Self-learning document classification

Documents are automatically categorized using learn-by-example methods that can be set to continue learning dynamically from users’ actions.

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Email analytics

Turn unstructured, inaccessible data in email into structured data suitable for input into systems, solutions and workflow.

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