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Despite the idea of the paperless office, a lot of business still gets done using paper. Aluma brings a new level of intelligence to scanners and multifunction devices (MFDs) with advanced document processing capabilities accessible directly from the device.

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Enable office devices to become an intelligent on-ramp to digital workflow.

Digital transformation starts with the ability to digitize and optimize information at the earliest opportunity in the document lifecycle. Our tools allow device manufacturers and Managed Print Services providers to be at the centre of their client’s digital transformation journey by empowering multifunction devices to do more than just copy, print and scan.

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Extract critical information at the time of scanning

You don’t need to deploy a complex batch scanning system if you just want to pull key data fields from a document. Train your MFD to recognize your client’s document types and extract the right information, and then automatically send it to your clients’ systems and workflow.

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Automatic redaction

Ensure that sensitive and private data remains private with automatic redaction at the time of scanning. Empower your end users to verify redaction accuracy on the MFD and dispatch redacted documents to selected recipients.

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Intelligent auto-filing

Take the drudgery out of document naming and filing through the UI of the MFD. Instead, make life easier for end users by extracting the information automatically. Let the system suggest an appropriate file name and location to store the scanned document based on how each end user organizes their digital content.

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Improve information governance

Ensure that your client’s scanned documents are named, filed, and characterized with metadata automatically based on their corporate/department policy. Deploy new policies around document categorization and rest assured that all newly scanned documents follow it immediately from the point of ingestion.

Key features

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Ease of integration

We make it easy to embed powerful document processing tools right on the device with simple API calls to our cloud service.

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No capital investment

No servers to install. No licenses to buy upfront. Pay for the processing you consume and that’s it.

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