Process automation

Process automation unleashes the potential of digital transformation. Aluma makes it easy to develop end-user solutions and systems that re-engineer and automate core business processes by freeing up time previously taken by ‘humans’ to perform redundant and repetitive activities.

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Provide your clients a competitive advantage and enable essential strategies for digital transformation.

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Easily tap into unstructured data

Over 60% of information is unstructured. We make it easy to gain access to unstructured data, plug it into your solution or project, and leverage it for process automation.

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Eliminate manual data entry

With Aluma you can build systems that classify and extract data from your customer’s documents to drive business processes with minimal manual intervention. Access complex unstructured information that in the past would have been locked on paper.

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RPA with a low cost of entry

No hardware or license purchase means no heavy upfront costs. This means you can remove the barrier to entry for RPA and process automation and move forward today.

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Leverage RPA day-one

Be up and running in minutes and operational in hours. Handle a limitless number of documents. Easy to scale up or down.

Key features

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Content analytics

Turn unstructured, inaccessible data in documents into structured data suitable for input into your content analytics.

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Cloud-based infrastructure

Aluma is built for the cloud, so you don't have to spend money on purchasing and maintaining equipment.

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