Records management

Even digital records can “pile up” in repositories and file shares, making it hard for users to find the information they need quickly. Tools from Aluma make it more efficient to access critical records and content. Add this service to a records management platform and get more from the archive.

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Help your customers get more from their document archives.

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More easily navigate large PDFs and other big image files

It’s not uncommon for scanned documents to create lengthy files with hundreds of pages. Use Aluma to intelligently find and enrich the information in ways that improve worker agility and performance.

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Improve and manage retention schedules

Use Aluma to enhance retention schedule analysis and help users understand what information they have, where to keep it, and for how long.

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Get a grip on compliance

Information governance and regulatory compliance are pressing concerns for nearly all organizations. Use Aluma to help your customers gain more control and transparency, even with the most challenging data.

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Increased business value for integrators

With Aluma you can add content management services on to your records management platform and extend engagement and value with your customers.

Key features

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Classification and extraction

Aluma quickly and accurately classifies client documents based on their content, even where the content is highly variable. We make it easy to reliably extract key data from your client’s key business documents.

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Add bookmarks to documents and improve navigation in large document sets. Aluma makes it easy for users to find information and quickly navigate to any location in the document.

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